Integrity breeds trust. Trust breeds enduring relationships. Patten and Patten’s reputation is built on integrity. We are also deeply committed to a preservation of privacy. These are just a few of the reasons why a number of our clients have been with us for over two decades.

At Patten and Patten, we work for our clients. We pride ourselves on past, present and future independence as a firm. Our independence implies that our interests remain aligned with those of our clients. In a sense, we are interdependent with our clients. Our ability to attract future clients is contingent upon our ability to keep our current clients satisfied.

The satisfaction of our clients promotes our growth as a firm and our firm has grown primarily through client referrals.

We also pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. We believe communication is the key to long-term relationships. Clients with needs have them addressed; clients with questions get them answered; clients with concerns have them resolved.


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