Our Services

The following services are provided to all clients of Patten and Patten, Inc.

• Personal Consultations

A cornerstone of our success, periodic client consultations – including quarterly meetings, if desired – are included in our service.

• Statement of Investment Objectives and Policy Guidelines

Prepared in consultation with the client, this is the blueprint for building the portfolio.

• Statistical Portfolio Analysis

To keep the client informed, summary statistics are provided on a quarterly basis (if not more frequently) for both the portfolio and the assets it comprises. We also generate reports comparing sector weightings of the portfolio to weightings of the relative benchmark

• Quarterly Investment Reporting

Comprehensive and comprehensible, the quarterly report includes an analysis of portfolio activity.

• Annual Tax Statement

No later than ninety days after year-end, a tax statement is prepared to help simplify the client’s tax preparation. This statement serves to help verify the accuracy of the tax reporting entities 1099’s and gross proceeds reports, as well as providing our clients with a convenient recapitulation of the investment portfolio’s tax information. Experience has shown us that these reports are beneficial to both our clients and their accountant.


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