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Patten and Patten, Inc. provides investment advisory services on a discretionary basis to individuals, families, individual retirement plans, trusts, family partnerships, endowments, foundations, pension and profit sharing plans, 401(k)s, and other institutional investment accounts.

  • The Firm’s core belief is that portfolios are best managed in a customized manner.
  • The Firm’s revenues are derived solely from management fees applied to assets under management.  Under this arrangement, the Firm believes inherent conflicts of interests are essentially non-existent, and at all times, the Firm’s interests remain aligned with those of each client.
  • The Firm does not receive commissions from financial products or from trading assets.
  • Portfolio Managers base investment decisions on well-researched, independent judgments about the appropriateness of securities.
  • The Firm is owned by its principals, so it is independent of external or corporate parent agendas.
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