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Patten and Patten does not create investment products, pre-set strategies, model portfolios, or other structures that are designed to be used across a broad swath of clients. Instead, Patten and Patten provides customized investment advisory services tailored to the specific needs of the client. Patten and Patten provides investment advisory services on a discretionary basis to individuals, families, individual retirement plans, trusts, family partnerships, endowments, foundations, pension and profit sharing plans, 401(k)s, and other institutional investment accounts.

Every relationship is managed on a separate account basis so that investment portfolios can be designed to the specific needs of each client: incorporating preferences for both risk and return. Patten and Patten’s Portfolio Managers take time to learn about the people they serve. Through in-depth discussions with each client, Patten and Patten employs a consultative approach to developing customized investment solutions.

Customized Approach

Patten and Patten’s customized approach is based on developing a comprehensive investment strategy for each client. This often manifests in the adoption of a formal Investment Policy. The Firm also works within previously established investment guidelines and can help clients update existing policies as necessary.

Through a comprehensive and consultative initial review process, Patten and Patten works with each client to determine investment objectives and assess risk tolerance. During this process, Patten and Patten typically makes a recommendation to the client with respect to asset allocation.  In general, the Firm recommends to all its clients the use of high quality equity securities – i.e., the stocks of well capitalized companies — and “high grade” bonds.

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Investment Process

Patten and Patten’s investment process is based upon well-researched, independent judgment. The process is steered by an experienced Investment Committee with over a century of cumulative advisory experience and guided by a philosophy that includes focusing on long-term fundamentals, balancing rewards and risks, and keeping expenses low.

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