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Patten and Patten, Inc. was incorporated in 1976. The Firm was founded on two core beliefs: (1) investments are best managed in a customized manner and (2) independent firms are best positioned to represent their clients’ interests. These two core beliefs have been integrated with a dedication to well-researched investment strategies, independent judgment, and a commitment to a high level of service.

This philosophy continues today. With over a century of collective experience, the Firm has five Portfolio Managers who hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) designation. They divide their time between portfolio management, security analysis, and quantitative market research.

Our Attributes

Patten and Patten believes that our independence ensures that our interests remain aligned with those of our clients. We place great importance on being accessible to our clients. We believe communication is the key to building successful long-term relationships.

Our Experience

As a general requirement, Portfolio Managers at Patten and Patten have a minimum of five years experience in the investment field and have earned the CFA designation. Additionally, Patten and Patten encourages its professionals to think independently, research thoroughly, and communicate effectively. At Patten and Patten, the five Portfolio Managers collectively have over a century of advisory experience and market knowledge.

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